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Modern Glaze is a ceramic studio and gallery showing contemporary ceramics by local and regional clay artists. Located in the long fade between Greenwood and Shoreline, Modern Glaze is part of the movement to bolster the arts in north King County, WA.

Established in 2019, by ceramic artist Laura Brodax, Modern Glaze is a working ceramic studio. We accept commissions for residential, commercial, and public art tile murals as well as custom ceramic wares.


Experiments in Photography 
Hawaiian Landscapes

Laura Brodax | Michael Shannon

Laura Brodax    “Incoming Tide”

Pinhole Multiformat camera set to 6x9 120 film

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As modern digital photography has evolved greatly from early photographic techniques, using only film cameras, Laura and Michael have stepped back to capture images in a slower pace, on the Big Island of Hawaii, with an aesthetic of a landscape painter and a shared respect to outline the poetic universe.

A selection of this exhibition is on view at Modern Glaze.

Michael Shannon   “Waimea”

Brownie Hawkeye 620 Ektar

Laura Brodax   “Rorschach Entanglement”

Pinhole 6x12 120 color film

Laura Brodax Ceramics in the store

Forest Bathing series

14800 Westminster Way N Shoreline, WA, 98133

Hours by appointment for Fall 2023
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