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mixed media work by

Steve Mortz | Brian Somers

pictoglyphs                                 clayficactions

September 22 - November 8

Modern Glaze is now open by appointment, Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6.
Please email contact@modernglaze or call 206 949 4007.

Brian Somers works in five art arenas; Clay, Art on Paper, Sculpture, Painting and Photography. To each of these disciplines  he brings a rich tapestry of symbolic and cultural influences which inform his search for the timelessness in mythic cultures, weaving layered objects of depth and beauty. Enshrined in each ceramic piece in this show, is a Daoistic dance of opposites, light and dark, complementary colors and differing materials embracing an authentic simple aesthetic.

Steve Mortz has embraced his lifelong passion for drawing and doodling re-imagined through spontaneous experimentation with materials, collage and color. His internal dialogue explores hieroglyphics, prehistoric cave paintings and ancient art with a modern sensibility.

Brian Somers

Steve Mortz