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“A maquette is used to visualize and test forms and ideas without incurring the expense and effort of producing a full-scale piece.”

Modern Glaze is pleased to present The Clay Maquette Show, an invitational to 24 local and regional artists who (mostly) work in ceramics, to create a small clay piece with a vision towards a larger scale sculpture. Some of the artist’s maquettes are designed with a site-specific placement and material, looking into contemporary and historical issues, while others are of a playful nature left to the imagination.

Participating artists are:
Juliana Wisdom, Dan Neish, Lana Sundberg, Lois Harbaugh, Sonja Peterson, S. Lantz, Margaret Bovingdon, Janet Galore, Robin Green, Liang-yin Chen, Marge Levy, Peter Gross, Angel O’Leary, Eve Cohen, Linda Beaumont, Claudia Fitch, Cathy Sarkowsky, Erin Shafkind, Lisa Conway, Lauren Grossman, Stephen Freedman, Jeffrey Mitchell, Ivan Carmona, Ernest Hilsenberg and Laura Brodax.

The Clay Maquette Show will be on display
September 17 - November 12, 2022.