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Modern Glaze is a ceramic studio and gallery showing contemporary ceramics by local and regional clay artists. Located in the long fade between Greenwood and Shoreline, Modern Glaze is part of the movement to bolster the arts in north King County, WA.

Established in 2019, by ceramic artist Laura Brodax, Modern Glaze is a working ceramic studio. We accept commissions for residential, commercial, and public art tile murals as well as custom ceramic wares.


Studio at Work
Public Art Mural: Progress Report

"A Parable for Redmond"

We are currently producing a ceramic tile art mural for the City of Redmond's new community and senior facility on the banks of the Sammamish River Trail. It speaks playfully to where nature meets technology. 

Mock-up of Mural placement

Three panels, left to right:  7' x  3'  |  7' x  5'  |  7' x  3'

Cutting film transparencies for the screen. There are 77 tiles, 5 colors and about 170 pieces of film, one print for each color.

Need to do glaze tests first to make sure every tile fires correctly  -almost there!

Getting ready to take a print with the screen for the black outline

House ceramic collection on view in gallery through the rest of the summer.

Come on by, we'd love to see you!

Blue, white and bird wares

Pinhole photograph, pink, black and gray wares

14800 Westminster Way N Shoreline, WA, 98133

Hours by appointment for Fall 2024
Please email contact@modernglaze

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