ceramic studio and gallery


Margaret Bovingdon

White Clay, 19” x 16”, $460

Raku clay, white crackle glaze , 3”h  x 4”w, $85

Raku Clay, 19” x 19”, $580

People interest me the most, artistically speaking. Ordinarily, I draw and paint them, but piecing people together out of clay feels even more like making friends. Our teacher Lana is incredible. With her virtually anything is possible. After my first effort imploded she swiftly connected me with ceramicist Ernest Hilsenberg. It’s thanks to his generosity in the form of technical and moral support and the use of work space at Salty Dog Studios that the larger of these pieces exist today.

Margaret Bovingdon grew up in Seattle. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and studied art therapy at Antioch University, earning a Master’s degree in 2011. Her studio is at Building 30 in Magnuson Park.