ceramic studio and gallery


Kathy Berd

Platter  (jar not included in show)    
12.25"w x 1.5"h,  $190.00


3.25"w x 3.25"h,  $48.00 each

Bowl with Dots on Outer Surface

7.5"w x 4.25"h,  $125.00      

I have always made functional pottery, but in recent years switched from working with low fire red earthenware with colorful narrative imagery, to high fire stoneware, with non - objective imagery. The highlight of this new work remains surface design, enlivened with cobalt blue dots.  I start with clean elegant forms made on the potters wheel, and once bisque fired, I paint each dot, one at a time on the piece. I like to play around with depth and space on the forms in this work, and get lost in the details.  I am inspired by the ephemeral properties of fireworks, and actual photos of space.